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Easy, low-cost & low-waste.

Lauren, The Starving Student, creates a wide range of meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan recipes that are easy on the budget, don't require a fancy kitchen and avoid food waste where possible!

Have a nosy at her low cost recipes...

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Tips & Tricks help you make the most of the food you buy and the money you have.

Through The Starving Student's Instagram, Lauren shares helpful hacks and tips on how to avoid food waste, budget better and ways to make more sustainable decisions in the home and on your food shop. 

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Avoiding Food Waste

...something everyone needs to be doing.

Lauren continues to support campaigns and create content that shows how you can avoid food waste. With 70% of the UK's food waste coming from our homes, this fact alone shows how important it is to value the food we have available, and to make sure every scrap is used.

Work with Lauren

Let's collaborate!

If you would like to work with Lauren, please send an email or an Instagram message over as she would love to hear your ideas. 

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