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The Story

Lauren started cooking back when she was 5 years old, when her dad taught her how to make simple salad dressings for family meals. During university, she started the @laurenleyva Instagram account as a simple photo gallery, however as her audience grew, she realised she could develop her hobby into a business, using photos and videos to share what she knows and loves... food that is easy to cook, low-cost, delicious and sustainable!

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'The Top Women to Watch' 2018

A Top 100 position in The Tab's Future 100 Scheme.

Finalist - UK Youth Awards 2021

Young Creative Category for work on The Starving Student.

What she's all about...

In addition to her focus on food and drink, Lauren continues to support campaigns and create content that shows how you can avoid food waste. With 70% of the UK's food waste coming from our homes, this fact alone shows how important it is to value the food we have available, and to make sure every scrap is used.

Easy. Anyone can cook great food.

Balanced. For well-rounded nutrition (and a ew treats on the side).

Low Cost. Great food doesn't need a heavy price tag.

Collaborative. Working alongside brands that Lauren loves & supports.

Inclusive. Meaty, fishy, vegetarian & vegan options.

A Little Fact

Lauren is an Architect too & loves all things design-related... we're talking interior design, pottery, art, DIY upcycling, mid-century furniture... the list goes on.


BBC Radio 2020-2021 weekly
Creative Impact Co. 2020
University of Gloucester, 2020
Noah's Box, 2021
The Nottingham Post, 2022


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