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The Perfect Wild Raw Honey - A Natural Choice

One of the ingredients I am excited to share with you is Nordmel’s Wild Raw Honey… the flavour of this honey is honestly heavenly!

It’s an ingredient I have been using in my personal cooking and some recipes you see on my socials. Working with Nordmel has been super interesting, particularly getting to understand the natural properties of their honey. The crystallization of honey is natural honey’s typical property. Nordmel hasn’t added anything or taken away from it – it is just pure raw honey delivered to us by dedicated beekeepers directly from the hives. As it’s a natural product, it’s appearance, texture and taste can vary a lot between different batches.

What you get from the jar is pure nature and it depends on from where and which plants the honeybees have collected the nectar during Estonian summers.

Nordmel also pride themselves in ensuring the welfare of their bees is kept to the highest standards and their bees can access a rich variety of plants and flowers in the Estonian countryside.

There are 3 types of the wild raw honey to try out if you haven’t already.

  • A hard/solid honey (middle image, 1kg Wild Raw Honey jar) – to melt into soups or to dissolve in your hot drinks.

  • A soft honey (right image, 8 x 250g Soft Honey Cups) – to spread over your toast or if warmed up well, drizzle over your pancakes.

  • Squeezy sachets (left image, 60 x 8g Soft Honey Sachets) – take on-the-go for a natural sweet snack or add it to your takeaway hot drink.

If you shop on Amazon, it’s your lucky day… click below to try the honey out (I promise you won’t regret it).


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